Monday, February 12, 2007

Announcing the Show You Probably Won't Be Getting Tickets To.

No one divines, catalogs, and sorts through concert intel like The Upstate Life. Seriously--if he's your only source: fuck and run baby, fuck and run. It's likely to be solid footing. Today, he's working on whether or not the Washington Post's listing of an Arcade Fire date at DARCH is at all accurate. The original source is Washington's own Jay Dot Freedom of the Lake--who could possibly be more credible than a man whose very own name sounds like an Arcade Fire album?

If this is the whole truth and nothing but the truth--one May 4th date at DARCH--then color us shafted. The onset of puberty in mayflies will be longer than the ticket sale. I'm hoping they play Louisville or something.

It feels so de rigeur blogger to even give a shit about these guys, of course. Forgive me for cleaving to cliches. Be advised, though, the band's final show at Judson Memorial Church is getting the All Songs Considered treatment this Saturday night. Point your curious browzahs at TUL for further developments.

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TUL said...

Honestly, my pure intention was to be tagged under "blogging cliches"... mission accomplished