Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A brief shout out to the heroes.

We wanted to take a moment to extend our thanks to the superfly, crime-fighting Rorschach stage manager, Megan Reichelt, who fearlessly ran off a trio of Columbia Heights thugs this past Saturday night, thus preventing our car from being broken into forcefully. He courageous, heroic deeds have earned her the highest honor we can bestow, which is to refer to them as being "Joss Whedonesque." She is most definitely a huge asset to the local theatre community. Long may her exploits be noted in song.

On a related note, we'd also like to thank the fine people at the Mazda Motor Corporation, for making the passenger side window on their Miata surprisingly impervious to no less than three blows with a crowbar. We had no idea that they made their windows more inpenetrable than the prose of James Joyce. Perhaps we should have expected as much from a car company that namechecked Zoroastrian deities.

1 comment:

Texpundit said...

"Long may her exploits be noted in song."

The Ballad of Megan? Gonna erect a statue of her made of mud, too? ;)