Monday, February 12, 2007

DCeptette: Call me when Scrantonicity has its reunion version

  1. Oh, come on. Come on. No nomination for Alex Strain? Really? Really. Sorry, Helen Hayes Awards: you are officially on notice.
  2. The City Paper announces many new online innovations. First, people will no longer have to pay to read the paper's back issues. Second--wait. Back issues? They were keeping those? And yet, there are still people out there on the streets tonight, freezing to death (much like the CP's server when more than five people attempt to be on it at the same time)? And...let me understand were supposed to PAY the City Paper to have access to these back issues? You'd think that they would pay you to come get them. [DCist]
  3. Tom Coburn is like having a deranged cartoon chicken in the Senate. [Wonkette]
  4. Rounding out today's coverage of fingerbanging. [Deadspin]
  5. Credit where it's due. Obama is already acting like the un-Kerry, by not taking shit from shitmouths, like this twit from Australia. [Unfogged]

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