Friday, February 23, 2007

Never fear, though, The Politico will remain your go-to source for news on who's not treating Mike Allen with sufficient respect today.

According to Fishbowl, the...uhm...what are they called again? Oh, yeah! The Politico has drawn the line on covering the Anna Nicole Smith story. Then they drew another line that they can follow if they want to get out of the promise they have made.

Of course, as we learned from their first couple of weeks, if there's one thing that overrides all the journalistic rules they've set for themselves, it's their need to fight like a rabid, nipple-pierced terrier over anything that might be an exclusive, no matter how inconsequential. Hang a scoop in front of their faces and they'll dive after it like the most debased guttersluts the mainstream media has to offer.

So, tipsters of the world, unite! Send ALL of your late-breaking Anna Nicole intel to The Politico, and watch our favorite scene from Scanners unfold.

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