Thursday, February 01, 2007

Now, Josh McRoberts Can Weep Like a Crybaby.

Holla atcha, Wahoos. Damn, son. I'm guessing a lot of people figured that if you give the Blue Devils five legitimate minutes at the end of a game, they'd walk out with a win. And when you couple that with the little known ACC rule that Duke is allowed to procure an offensive rebound by grabbing his opponent's face and throwing him to the ground, it's certainly long odds to beat them. But on the strength of Sean Singletary and perhaps one of clutchest, craziest, arcingest, ice-blooded shot I have ever seen in my motherfuckin' life, Virginia has prevailed at the JPJ tonight, firming up their position on the good side of the ACC divide, and taking a critical resume win.

So best: Virginia held Duke without a field goal for, like, a week. That's life without Vajayjay Redick, I suppose..

Hidden statistic from tonight's game: How to describe Ryan Pettinella's free throw shot? Hmmm. Imagine a trebuchet built by Visigoths and operated by amputees. It's that fugly. But he went 1 for 2 tonight, and every point mattered.

My brother in Boone, home of the Appalachian State Mountaineers, who are, by the way, HOT HOT HOT, called from a bar of Tarheel fans to say, "Thanks for the boost to our RPI!"

Josh McRoberts was doing his best Adam Morrisson impression with one second to play, since he knew the timekeepers had that stopwatch on lockdown, obvs. We hope Josh has a nice ride back to Durham!

POSTSCRIPT: By the way, I called it.

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Care to prognosticate on tonight's game?

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Oh, we'll win.

Woot! Just like I did last year!


Paul said...

In the interest of fairness, I should point out that you call a UVA win for EVERY game. :)

What I really want, though, is somebody to put together a montage of all the ass-kissing commentary about Chris Paulus that Mike Patrick poured into the telecast. It was beyond belief, even more so than Pett's crazy free throw technique. (Can you believe that this kid has been, apparently, a collegiate basketball player for several years!?) I don't remember the exact quotes, but Patrick was lauding Paulus' brilliance in accomplishing such mind-blowing point guard feats as "bringing the ball up" (against a team that wasn't pressing), "not turning the ball over", and "committing intentional fouls, but hey, that other arm looked like he was sort of slapping for the ball, and that's good enough for a Dookie not to get called."

This guy was the former National HS Player of the Year! He looked to me like nobody more than UVA's own McD's AA, Willie Dersch... remember him? Yeah, neither did I.

And the astute observer will note that Paulus was never anywhere near Singletary on defense. Even Coach K isn't that dumb...

(Other note: With the crazy new ACC scheduling, UVA has a much easier road the rest of the way than a lot of the teams, and could very conceivably finish 11-5 or better. The scariest game is at VT. Never thought I'd say that.)

TUL said...

Best sign of the night... "SportsCenter up next unless Duke needs more time"

Eric said...

Don't forget that apparently McRoberts is allowed to throw his shoulder into the defender as many times as necessary to get an open shot as long as he holds his pivot foot. I guess offensive fouls don't apply to Duke.

The Deceiver said...

That was a good sign!

Vis a vis me always calling the game for Virginia: not true! I am quite sure that I publicly doubted whether we could beat UNC at Chapel Hill this year and, at the time, I wasn't feeling too confident we'd beat BC away either. That said, I sort of thought we'd beat Utah, ASU, and Stanford, but I can only imagine I was in a comfortable majority on those assertions. (Perhaps people were starting to come around to Stanford's quality by the time we matched up. But I'm sure no one outside the 828 area code gave App State much of a chance. Donte Minter must have motivated those motherfuckers!)

Admittedly, sometimes I have blinders on. For instance, I simply refuse to believe Clemson is good at basketball. No matter how much evidence I'm presented with to the contrary, my brain just won't allow me to believe it.

They flashed Curtis Staples last night, who was sitting in the stands. I wonder what he's doing now? Surely he could offer Pettinella some pointers! When I saw him, though, I couldn't help but remember that when the basketball season was going downhill, Staples used to show up and play pick-up basketball with you, Paul, which always struck me as a kind of dick move on his part.

Paul said...

Actually, Curtis was quite the gentleman in pickup games. He played center and pretty much only took hook shots. He towered over everybody at what, 6'3"? I'm not sure he'd be a big help to Pettinella, though - he had kind of a funky release himself.

I've seen most/all of the televised UVA games this year, and I think Stanford was the best team we've played. Those two freshman seven-footers were the real deal, and they have some good solid guards, too. Clemson was surprisingly good, too - James Mays reminds me a bit of national champ-era Chris Wilcox, their guards are savvy vets, and Purnell is a great coach - very Leitao-esque.

When you watch a team like UNC or Duke, you just realize that these guys really do honestly get all the calls. It's not a conspiracy theory, just a nod to the fact that refs are just as subject to the hype as anyone else. Probably the only fairly-called games those two teams play all year are against each other. If McRoberts and Hansbrough run into each other, how do you decide who to call a foul on? I mean, both of them are too talented to ever foul, right? It's not like we're talking about Jason Cain here or anything...