Friday, February 23, 2007

On the watching of this evening's 30 Rock.

(tonight, apres Rough Magic)

Wife of DCeiver: 30 Rock is fucking hilarious tonight.

DCeiver: That's good to hear. Kyle, Rachel and I very much enjoy recounting our favorite 30 Rock moments on Friday mornings.

Wife of DCeiver: That's nice. Thing is, it's really funny, but it doesn't really have any of those one-liners you three like to toss about.

(two hours later)

DCeiver: Silly Wife of DCeiver! Did she not hear, "Well go ahead, Fat Balls?"

UPDATE: I love it anytime Tucker Carlson, even as part of a fictional contrivance, calls someone else "empty-headed." At that moment, all the angels in Heaven that God put in charge of irony chuckle.

UPDATE 2: If you ever go into that Dean and Deluca at 30 Rock, btw, don't go upstairs to eat. It's a shithole. We were there on Christmas Eve, and I had to use the one bathroom, and waiting in line behind me was this eight-year-old girl. I was totes going to let her go ahead of me until the door swung open and I saw the fucking room. Vile. I went in, did my business, and used some cleaner on the paper towel dispenser to clean everything that poor child was likely to touch. Totally true story. Also I helped a Russian tourist purchase her subway pass, so I made mad deposits in the NYC karma bank. Mad deposits.


the g said...

pregnant cornbread.

rock_ninja said...

I love pregnant cornbread so much, I'm going to go behind the middle school and get it pregnant.