Tuesday, February 06, 2007

That's a Sweep!

You know, even if the Cavaliers hadn't won their seventh in a row, and even if the win hadn't handed them, at least for the moment, sole possession of first place in the ACC--pretty cool considering so many stupid people--perhaps even you, stupid!--thought they'd finish in eighth place--uhm... Yeah. Even if that stuff hadn't been the case (but it is!), I'd be happy tonight. Because growing up here, and constantly being bombarded with the Washington Post's traditional season-long cock-slurp of the Maryland Terrapins basketball program, taught me to value beating Maryland above all other opponents. I simply love it. Love it. Other students love the Duke wins (when they happen) and the Carolina wins (when they happen), but for me, it's the Maryland wins I savor (uhm...when they happen).

Of course, tonight's game came perilously close to having a downright Comcastic ending as the Cavs blew a gigantic lead and ceded momentum. And when Strawberry brought down that big bucket to make it 63-60, I had flashbacks of insane Terp clutch shooting doing us in again. In a final analysis, though, the thing that separated the two teams was that Maryland apparently sucks at free throw shooting.

Next up, another scary road game, this time against Virginia Tech, aka the Virginia Polytechnic Institute--a team that's seemingly gone from frequently threatening to close the deal to closing the deal with great regularity. To me, they're an unknown quantity, and more than a little scary.

Well, right about now, I know a bunch of bloggers that probably want to kick my teeth in. Take solace in your National Championship, your drunky drunk coach, and the loose legal regulations governing what you can set fire to. But before I go, I hear the broom man has got something for the Terrapins:

Enjoy the sweep, bitches!


TUL said...

Congrats, DCeiver... your team is clearly the better of the two this season. Our seniors have left me astounded with their lack of leadership, talent, and drive. The Terps turned it on the last 10 minutes of the game, but where were they for the first 30??? Our worst free-throw shooting effort of the season could not have come at a worse time. Oh well, at least we'll always have that final UHall win. Now if you excuse me, I need to resume the indent I made on my desk after banging my head on it for the last 8 hours.

Static Cling said...

Trust me, DCeiver, we find the UVa gaurds as scary as you find Dowdell and Gordon. Saturday should be great, as will the game at the new JPJ.

I can only hope that we deliver some payback for not one, not two, but three defeats you dealt us last year. (And I was in Greensboro for the last one. It still stings.)

Congrats on being in first. The Hokies were there earlier this year, so don't get too comfortable.

Paul said...

OK, so I'm overseas and didn't see the game (although it's waiting for me on TiVo)... but I have to admit that when I checked the Post and saw this sentence:

The chant echoed through the bowels of Comcast Center last night as the Virginia basketball team sauntered into its locker room, as joyful as it was surprising. "Tun-ji! Tun-ji!" the players yelled, jumping on Tunji Soroye's shoulders and slapping him on his broad back.

I thought a practical joke was being played on me. I still kinda do.

It's mind-blowing to think that it's entirely plausible for Virginia to end the ACC season at 13-3 or better - we'll be the favorites for every remaining game except at VT. Sadly - even as a huge fan - I think it's pretty obvious that we can thank the wonderful new ACC scheduling for at least part of that record, because we've had a killer draw. The "top tier" teams that could beat us at home (UNC and BC with Williams), we only played once on the road. The "likely split" teams that would beat us at their places (FSU, GT, Duke) we play once at home. The only "surprise wins" we've gotten this year are at Clemson and, arguably, at Maryland; but I think with this schedule we could have been 11-5 without winning a single tough one.

Oh, and for the record, I'm not scared of VT. That's not meant to offend... it just seems like they've lost the 'swag' since the UNC victory. This should probably be a game they can get up for, though.

Paul said...

Well... so much for THAT.

The Deceiver said...

Yeah. That was a beating. There are basketball games where you can know the outcome after both teams have traded five or six possessions, and that was one of them. Tech looked good, in flow, in control, and they really worked hard to get positive plays every time we called a time out.

Only thing to do is beat them when we get them at JPJ. But give Tech credit, they take this whole playing in the ACC thing pretty damn seriously, which is more than can be said of their Florida cousins, currently taking basketball season off. They've got a team that's worth taking in the tourney a few rounds.

Paul said...

Yeah, not to mention BC who somehow has held onto first place despite playing with about three players. Skinner, Greenberg, and Leitao are the remaining contenders for coach of the year (although let's be honest, Roy Williams will probably win it... yawn).

The big question is how UVA plays this weekend. The only remaining games that scare me are FSU and GT; if they can't just let this loss roll off, those games are potentially losable. They'll be up for VT at home, and we could split the two very winnable remaining road games.

Now the question is: Will they get ham sandwiches or roast beef in Longwood?
My suggestion is just to wait out the drive back to C'ville and go to Bellair Market.