Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Aspens Have Turned.

Well, it looks like Patrick Fitzgerald has got his man! Scooter Libby is found guilty in the Valerie Plame case! Let the civil actions commence!

Frankly, this has not been a story we've been paying a lot of attention to except on certain occasions where Gawker Media has given us money to muse about Scooter's prison name, Patrick Fitzgerald's home life, all of Fitz's baseball metaphors and the weird way he seemed to be buddy with Isikoff. We're glad one of Cheney's goons is going to need a Presidential pardon, but this story has always been a couple of lifted-from-Eisenstein baby carriage scenes short of The Untouchables. Though now we can imagine what it would be like if Firedoglake live-blogged a Brian DePalma movie.

If anyone does what should be done, however (i.e. put Judy Miller in the stocks for a month), by all means, wake us up.

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