Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Attempt Made to Explain Mash-ups to Decrepit, Out-Of-Touch Members of the House of Representatives.

We read today that Congressman Mike Doyle (D-PA) recently endeavored to coax his colleagues into the 20th century by namechecking Girl Talk at a Congressional hearing. Surely it won't be long before Pelosi orders the House Armed Services Committee to go on a fact-finding mission to MisShapes.

In attempting to point up the chilling and retarded gestapo tactics deployed by the RIAA against Atlanta mix-tape artist DJ Drama, Doyle said:

Mr. Chairman, I want to tell you a story of a local guy done good. His name is Greg Gillis and by day he is a biomedical engineer in Pittsburgh. At night, he DJs under the name Girl Talk. His latest mash-up record made the top 2006 albums list from Rolling Stone, Pitchfork and Spin Magazine amongst others. His shtick, as the Chicago Tribune wrote about him, is "based on the notion that some sampling of copyrighted material, especially when manipulated and recontextualized into a new art form is legit and deserves to be heard."

In one example, Mr. Chairman, he blended Elton John, Notorious B-I-G, and Destiny's Child all in the span of 30 seconds. And, while the legal indie-music download site took his stuff down due to possible copyright violation, he's now flying all over the world to open concerts and remix for artists like Beck.
Leaving aside the whole "local guy done good" angle--which weirdly suggests that without his DJing outlet, Gillis might be out on the streets, creeping around in the seamy underbelly of biomedical engineering (where the Bush-banned human-animal hybrids are the ultimate mashup!) , we'd just point out that it's not everyday where combining a homosexual superstar with a dead crack dealer is touted as a good thing in Congress.

Anyway, we hope that there's a conference committee hearing on the matter in the offing, because we'd love to see someone try to explain all this to Ted Stevens: "Huh-wha? What's this about a pitchfork?"

[h/t TechDirt]

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Uneven Stevens said...

Great post. It's a shame that our law and lawmakers haven't caught up w/ the the technologies and capabilities our post-modern reality. The law needs to adapt to cultural changes; wholesale cultural changes should not be held back by the law.