Thursday, March 22, 2007

THE AUDACITY OF DOPES: Politico straight pwned! by MEDICAL SCIENCES!

So, rumors of the death of the John Edwards campaign=greatly exaggerated, and mostly by navel gazing amateurs. Elizabeth Edwards has a cancer recurrence, and for that, seriously...seriously...we wish her nothing but the best. But this new health concern is apparently not going to put the Edwards campaign in dry dock. John will, instead, soldier on..and frankly, do you know how to spell MAD BOUNCE? Because OMFG! Elizabeth Edwards is totally Laura Roslin, and she is going to find the Arrow of Apollo and lead us all home! Lords of Kobol be praised!

So, let it be known, breast cancer shall not defeat the Edwardses! Cancer of the campaign warchest almost certainly will!

1 comment:

joemybro said...

Frack that, give me an Obama/Boomer ticket in '08. He's got the skills, she's got the MAD HOTTS!