Thursday, March 01, 2007

Before you wreck yourselves, Maryland fans...

Yeah. I do not think so. You want to peep your 2007 ACC Coach of the Year. There you go. David Leitao. Let me get your counter-argument straight: Terps go from 2-5 to whatever they are now. That's just another way of saying the Terps totally shit the bed for seven weeks before Williams hit rock bottom and decided he was going to stop yelling at everybody? Here's hoping he sorts out the world of alcoholic spirits in the same way, yo.

But, let's try this on. Last year, you weren't much of anything. This year, the consensus is you are good enough for eighth place in the ACC. Instead, you have a 20 win season, protect your house against conference foes all season long and...oh yeah: finish the regular season in first place. And you do it with JASON CAIN ON YOUR ROSTER. Or, indeed: STARTING. Hello? Because that is what is going to happen. UVa is going to beat Wake Forest and claim the top seed in the ACC tourney. (Thank you Georgia Tech, by the way.)

I mean, fellas. Go ahead and keep shining yerself on if you want. But, blogga...please.


TUL said...

I do have a comment section, you know? Anyway... meh.

Shatz... said...

That Wake Forest is a really tough team... You might be #2, but Maryland is on a roll and will take the ACC!