Thursday, March 15, 2007


Ugh. Would you look at that? I obviously have a lot invested in this game. Because Duke can suck it, and VCU is the Other Alma Mater ("A" university of Virginia--like, say, ODU--versus, *ahem* THE University of Virginia, who'll probably get stomped to death by Great Danes tomorrow) and we like to see the VCU Black and Gold...Uhm, THINGIES do well. But I said before this game that Very Cruisy University might just go out there and put up some straight MASONRY, and look what's happening!

And, yeah, G-Dubs...what happened? At one point, y'all were 2-17!

I have to take the train/bus home now. Hope they have this turned around by the time I get there. Fuck Duke and Davidson...Davidson...what was that? I give your performance a "Gaaahhhhh!"

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