Thursday, March 22, 2007

DCeptette: All Herrings Red Version

  1. ABC's David Westin, on The Note's Mark Halperin: "So, we've worked out a new relationship with Mark that will transform him from our Political Director to our Political Analyst at least through the 2008 election." Not to worry, though: he'll remain DC's sine qua non of whinging suck-ups. Modern science may never be able to affect that transformation. [FishbowlDC]
  2. If Atlanta really wants to win a Superbowl, they are trading the wrong quarterback. Trust us. We know. [Houstonist]
  3. I saw the title of this post and immediately thought, "Of course! That explains EVERYTHING!" Then we realized that Hegel was not some sort of distant planet. [Yglesias]
  4. If I were to write the SNL sketch, Heather Mills' leg would become disconnected from her body during Dancing With The Stars. But it would be the rest of her body that would fall, in a heap, limp, to the floor. That leg of hers would keep right on dancing, for all eternity. And that one-legged dance would be the most beautiful goddamned thing you ever saw. [PIAB]
  5. It isn't always that Leaf walks over to your desk, eyes afire with the light of something new and good and unexpected. So, when it happens, it's a good idea to pay attention. [DCist]

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