Tuesday, March 06, 2007

DCeptette: Yes, I walk around somehow version.

  1. Gradydubs is absolutely right in his answer to a lingering Katrina question: Why did so many people remain in the path of a hurricane? Frankly, we're not surprised by what his father found out. But there's another question I often hear people asking, and that's: Who in their right mind buys/rents a dwelling that's below sea-level, in a flood plain? It's always asked in this aghast voice, the subtext of which may as well be, "Don't those dumb ol' blankety-blanks have any common sense?" Well, I would posit the better question is, "Who in their right mind decided to build the lion's share of New Orleans' affordable housing below sea-level, in the middle of a flood plain?" Face it: some motherfucker zoned that shit, some motherfucker developed that shit, and some motherfucker built that shit. There had to have been a time where someone running game on the motherfucker circuit had to think to themselves: "Damn. This is a pretty dangerous place to be putting some housing!" This is, frankly, a moral failing on the parts of all the motherfuckers named above, and one of these days, I'd really like to see some of them called on the carpet for it. [Secure Your Rights]
  2. Too perfect. For all the liberal bias I'm told the media has, I still feel like I'm not getting enough of this sort of stuff. [Wonkette]
  3. Yglesias thinks it's "fair" that many conservatives have "distanced themselves" from Ann Coulter after her halfwitted "faggot" remark at CPAC. I don't know. I think "distancing yourself" is the same thing as "being a coward." Wake me when someone actually throws an elbow. [Yglesias]
  4. They can't be serious about adopting these as actual basketball uniforms, can they? I have one thought when I look at these and this is it: "Kazaam!" [Deadspin]
  5. The new editor of the Village Voice will be Tony Ortega, leading many to wonder just who will be making our delicious taco shells. Oh, we kid. Ortega is actually the former editor of Village Voice Media Hobgoblin Behemoth Holding Company's Broward-Palm Beach New Times. Sadly, going from the Broward-Palm Beach New Times to the Voice is now considered a lateral move. [Gawker]

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abe said...

On your point #1 this morning, I couldn't agree more< DCeiver, so I suspect we would agree that no one in their right mind would redevelop NOLA to any greater extent than as a tourist attraction similar in nature to Colonial Williamsburg. You might want to take a similar look at the federal flood insurance program which seems to encourage very wealthy folks to continue to over build in flood prone coastal areas by giving them subsidies for their insurance at the expense of the general role of American taxpayers, who for the most part cannot afford even one square foot of the proerty invovled in this subsidized protection.