Friday, March 02, 2007

Dismemberment Plan B

9:30 Fora say that the Going Out Goulashes say that DisPlan is adding a second date after the 4/28 show sold out in, like, negative 7 seconds. Since I can't find the news anywhere else but Gog-hell, I felt it was my civic duty to blog something about it, if only because now there's a fighting chance that an actual, real-live Dismemberment Plan fan might learn of this news. Tee hee zing-a-dee!

Anyhoo, the new date is the night before, April 27. No onsale deets yet, but, just a suggestion: Black Cat, let's roll old-school and line up on 14th for these babies, 2 ticket minimum. I bet people would be only too glad to pay five dollars more to avoid Ticketmaster and their increasingly inscrutable scalper defense screens.

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