Thursday, March 01, 2007

Far too many of you are just randoming through the street!

I remember when I was a young man. Boy, was I a hellion. I was always chucking trash everywhere. Always expectoration everywhere. And don't get me started on public property! Man, I would attaint that shit to a fare thee well! But, man, you do not want to pull that shit in Shanghai! They catch you smoking in the public concourse and you are off to have whatever they did to Jack Bauer done to you. And then, I'll tell you what: you may have no fucking idea what virescence is, but you'll sure as shit not ever destroy it again!


DCepticon said...

Live every week like it is Shark Week.

IMGoph said...

no four letter words, huh? well, you gotta get me for at least two four letter words in this response....oh crap, that's five now....or six....ahhhhhhhhh!