Tuesday, March 06, 2007

From the Annals of Background Casting

Hey, people! Have you ever dreamed about doing actual blow with Hollywood mogul Jerry Bruckheimer? Or do you simply harbor modest dreams of getting paid $50 to sit around for fourteen hours grazing on craft services, hoping to meet Diane Kruger? Well, you're in luck, because the Hollyweirdoes will be coming to DC to shoot National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets, which will combine the oddly beloved National Treasure movie with...Harry Potter...I guess.

Anyhoo, the good people at Carlyn Davis casting--who to this day are probably relieved K Street got cancelled--are looking for a coterie of extras from among you serfs. Do any of the following describe you?

  • Dog walkers with dogs
  • Bomb detection units (also with dogs)
  • Real bike messengers (a hint: before arriving on the set, why not try BATHING?)
  • "Cigar smokers to play Senators" (think equal parts pushy and mentally infirm)
  • George and Martha Washington lookalikes (cf. bike messenger bathing suggestion)
  • Lots of GOOD drivers with cars ("GOOD" requirement=Marylanders need not apply)
  • Park Rangers (?!?)
  • Hot Dog Vendor with cart (but no dogs)
  • College aged skateboarders and hacky sack players (Hacky sack? Must be for a flashback scene, so, dress like a Soundgarden roadie)
  • "18 and older who look 15-17" (MPAA: hates the gays, loves the jailbait)
  • "real sting [sic] quartet"

If you are dying to meet Nicolas Cage--STAR OF GHOSTRIDER, Y'ALL!--and perhaps angle to get into one of his cousin Sofia's better movies, now's yer chance! Send your glamour shots to Carlyn Davis and get ready to experience the Hollywood magic of waiting, waiting, WAITING first-hand!

According to the notice, "Shooting will begin in the DC area late March and go through mid April." This refers to shooting with cameras. The shooting with guns will continue in DC through mid-April, long into the summer, and in perpetuity until Duncan Hunter finally obtains a suitcase nuke and takes matters into his own, crazy-ass hands.

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