Friday, March 30, 2007

I was dead before the ship even sold out in forty seconds.

Agh. Stupid, stupid me. I had every intention of casting my lot with the rest of the world's mouse-scrabbling ticket buyers and making an attempt to procure a ticket for the Arcade Fire at Radio City Music Hall today. I know that lately, I've been playing the 'Master like the Washington Generals play the Globetrotters, but I figured, what's the harm? Anyway, I totally spaced on it. Absolutely forgot. And since I don't have a cache of blood diamonds laying around to feed Craigslist with...

You know how there's this group of yobbos who used to tour America as Frankie Goes To Hollywood even though there was only the thinnest of threads to the band itself? That'll be the scenario when I finally get to see Arcade Fire. I'll see them fifteen years from now. Music bloggers will have found a way to replicate Second Life poop in the material world and chuck it at each other. The band will be like, the drummer, the glockenspiel player's cousin, and a gaggle of yammering rednecks on instruments they lifted from some pawnshop yammering their way through "Une Annee Sans Lumiere" half-assedly through their noiseholes and their hired douche lead singer will be yelling, "Can I get some more bass in my fricking monitor?" as if he were every Will Ferrell character ever filmed rolled into one.

And it'll be at the Grog. Feh.

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Jodasm said...

I was able to get tickets to the Philly show, it wasn't even remotely hard. I bet CL prices are cheaper, too.