Friday, March 30, 2007

The Interwebs Rescue Your Friday from Dreariness!

Peep the online grindhouse today and stop boredumb in its tracks. Thanks be to Tracy K., who has pointed out that the A/V Geeks have placed many of their finest archvived health and social issues filmstrips up on the Series of YouTubes for all to enjoy. If you paint your room black, stop bathing and allow for six days of chain smoking, you can almost pretend you're watching them at the Black Cat! Some of the titles include:

"Postmark Terror"
"Facing Disappointments"
"Why Doesn't Cathy Eat Breakfast"
"Inside/Out: But Names Will Never Hurt?"
"Control Your Emotions"
"VD Is For Everybody"
"Discovering Electronic Music"
"The Story of Menstruation"
"Destruction: Fun Or Dumb"
"Soapy The Germ Fighter"
and my favorite: "Despotism!"

Plus there are a couple, "Master Killer" and "Check Your Neck", that were instrumental in paving the way for the Wu Tang Clan. May their deadly notes reign supreme!

Also, from Pyggies: new "Defenders of Stan." Episode 6. Brought to you by the letter "fucktard" and the number "dickhole." But where's my floatin' headz at? And why can't I ever get in one on of those cool Pyggie IM convos?

Why no bloggy until today? Been out at the fine rock clubs. Bishop Allen: we must recognize their essential bestness. Also: Cold War Kids. Here's the short story: I loved them, Leafblower hated them, Squeeze of Leafblower remains amused by this Seemingly Unavoidable Universal Truth. This means all is right with the world. If you want to see an actual good version of the review of the CWK show I wrote that is still slouching toward DCist to be born, go to The Upstate Life.

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the g said...

dont think i wouldnt harrass you endlessly if your weren't on gchat, about hings like... i dunno, the fullmoon and shit. consider yrself lucky.