Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Vote with a bullet?

We're getting really tired of all the mixed messages being sent our way from human-dickwad critters that populate our Congress. Why, just last week, GOP members of the U.S. House of Representatives told the citizens of the district that there was no ingredient more essential to having the vote than the feel of the steel in one's hands--and if DC wanted equitable representation, they'd better get busy stockpiling firearms.

But over on the Senate side of Capitol Hill this week, the House's older, greyer, seniler compatriots seem to not share their younger, dumber, batshit-crazier counterparts belief the democracy is best dispensed at the business end of a 9mil. How else to explain why Senator Jim Webb--who, we remind you, was BORN FIGHTING and who will CHOKE A BITCH if need be--has gotten in hot water after an aide attempted to enter the Senate carrying just one lousy fully loaded pistol and two lousy extra fully loaded clips! Today Webb and his executive assistant, Phillip Thompson, will have to explain all this in DC Superior Court. What's to explain? Working in close proximity to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama these days is effing DANGEROUS.

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