Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Come on now, WMATA.

People. Sorry for the dearth of content. I continue to ply my trade over at the Huffington Post and will continue there until the end of the day on Monday. So catch me there, along with the tenacious Glynnis MacNichol and, joining the fray later this week, the inimitable Julia Allison. And BTW, Rachel Sklar=RIDICULOUSLY fun to work with. We should all fight crime or something.

So, today, I am waiting for a bus when I was struck, pained, with a perplexing sight. On the side of the 4B, an advertisement for Code Name: The Cleaner. That's right! Motherfucking Code Name: The motherfucking Cleaner. Didn't that movie come out in 2005 or something? Does WMATA just not want to sell ads? Or did the producers of Code Name: The holy sweet shittington shit Cleaner buy two decades worth of ads, as if this movie was going to run forever?

I don't know. I don't think I want to know. I'm afraid that the lingering ads for Code Name: The mother of all buggery Cleaner are trying to tell us something: perhaps about the follies of man, the insignificance of our great works, the lasting futility you invite when you attempt to forge a career while having the last name--and I quote--"The Entertainer." When you gaze into the void, what stares back? Probably an ad for Code Name: The Jumping Mexican Jesus Zombie Cleaner.

Lucy Liu's people ought to be told about this, because at some point, reminding the world she was in this movie MUST constitute libel. It simply must.


Superman said...

Man in Van Dorn they had the poster for the Dixie Chicks concert up 3 months after the concert!

Anonymous said...

As someone that works in advertising and has scene our sales reps and media buyers struggle with WMATA to get ONE billboard up in a timely fashion. (There's a joke somewhere about how many Metro employees does it take to put up a billboard. I think the answer is 20.) So the answer to your question: no, actually, they do not want to sell ads. This explains the $120M short fall. I hope the LA guy (from a place that has no trouble plastering ads over everything) is able to fix this problem.

Mike said...

There are still ads up on the Orange Line for Mason in the Final Four.