Tuesday, April 10, 2007

DCeptette: I used to say fuck it, wouldn't placate the functionaries version

  1. What? You haven't yet checked Busdriver's crazy-good jawn "Casting Agents and Cowgirls?" Really? Download the madness over at You Ain't No Picasso, and make plans to see the man weave lyrical knots at the Rock and Roll Hotel on May 8. [You Ain't No Picasso]
  2. Larry Birkhead greets fatherhood with an immortal line: "I'm ready to get this over with." Cheer up Dannielyn! Every year, we get a birthday card from our parents that says the exact same thing. [Defamer]
  3. Of previous incarnations of the Six Points Music Festival, the Going Out Gurus declare that they, "felt thrown together and lacking in any real focus." Yeah, yeah, we know. We're updating the "Pot Calls The Kettle Black" Wikipedia page even as we speak. [GagBlog]
  4. After The Big Hunt suffered an attack from Insta-Poop wielding drunks, owner Joe Englert expressed regret: "'If he [the first victim] wants to have a poop-less event for his family and friends,' the Big Hunt will happily host, Englert says." Still, you just KNOW that a few days after it happened, gears started turning in Englert's mind: "Hmmmm...canned poop...H Street...theme bar...me likey!" [City Paper]
  5. In praise of Blades of Glory, critic Tricia Olsewski says, (in the print edition, anyway): "More impressive, there's not a lowbrow bathroom gag to be found among all the wieners, boners, and dongs." Oh, no? We take this to mean that the sight of Jon Heder laying on the floor of a bathroom, furtively manipulating a trash begrimed strip of toilet paper WITH HIS TONGUE, is, to Tricia, a positively Shavian bathroom gag. And, you know what? Fuck it! We totally agree! Well played, Trish! [City Paper print edition, maybe it'll be online someday]

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