Thursday, April 05, 2007

DCeptette: I'm bailing water 'cause I like the shape of the boat version.

  1. Hmmm. Now, does, "Last night a Sound Engineer from the Northwestern University Law School Musical saved my life" have the same ring to it? No. It does not. [Thrown For A Loop]
  2. Old news, new thoughts: So, last month, the 'sphere was all atwitter over an incident on Bloggingheads, where Ann Althouse went nutcake at Garance Franke-Ruta. Now, to know the ins and outs over why and how it happened, you'd have to have a whole lot of knowledge over past controversies in the world of political blogs--and trust me, the fact that I can follow the storyline does nothing but fill me with despair. But it occurs to me: Althouse has to be a conservative's wet dream: first, there's the whole dutiful water-carrying bit--let's face it, good help is hard to find--but second, and critically, people like Ann Althouse pay back end dividends by helping to reinforce the notion that women are, in the classic, sexist sense of the term, hysterical. I'd include Coulter in this category, except it's been like, seven years since the last time anyone associated her with anything remotely womanly. I think she photosynthesizes.
  3. Also, in other idiot news, Glenn Reynolds is out of joint because Pelosi wore a headscarf to a mosque. Apparently, the concept of a "dress code" is lost on this complete fucking moron, but I figure I can make things edifying by showing up at his preferred house of worship wearing nipple clamps and chaps. And when he complains, I'll invite him to take a nice, long, lingering draught of my sweet dick. Let the choir sing, y'all!
  4. Normally we'd endorse the idea of someone rising up--with fists!--against Jim Rome. Especially in defense of soccer. But when that would-be soccer defender is the previous generation's Landon Donovan...err, an overhyped pretty boy who never delivered in the big game, the best we can hope for is a yawning chasm to open up beneath both of them...or for Ron Artest to whack them both with a tire iron. [Deadspin]
  5. Uhm...nice shoes. But I'm holding out for something more in a "Gene Loves Jezebel." [Idolator]


rj3 said...

Oh, how I have fallen!

rj3 said...

Oh, how I've fallen