Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Gentry On Gentry Violence: AU vs. Karl Rove

We're officially excepting Elizabeth Chomko and Jordan Suderman from this unfair generalization, but in our experience, if there's one thing that defines the American University student, it's their willingness to get pissed on at a birthday party in the hopes of winning an iPod nano. And then the way they'll ask you to delete their names from your blog even after they gleefully gave quotes to the City Paper.

But, after that, we have to admire the general sense that the phrase, "Wow. I can't believe nobody's every thought of that before!" is never far from escaping their lips. True, true: 90% of the time they're talking about something that TONS of people have thought of a million times before. But every once in a while, it leaves the realm of the banal and enters the realm of...well...attempting to execute a citizens' arrest of Karl Rove. It was like the Alexander Cockburn Fan Club teaming up with the American University Model War Crimes Tribunal for all the marbles!

From WaPo:

Heckling protesters briefly delayed the car carrying top White House aide Karl Rove last night as he left the American University campus, where he had just given a speech. No arrests or injuries were reported after Rove's invitation-only talk.

About 20 students lay in front of the car as it prepared to leave, a witness said.

Josh Goodman, an AU junior, said other students kicked the car "and tried to stop it as best as they could."

They tried their best! Check the video at DCist. Who can doubt that these intrepid young toughs weren't mere inches away from shaving Bush's Brain's entire body in the middle of Tenley Circle, we're sure!

Sadly, Rove and his lovely lady lumps emerged from the incident unharmed. But there are lessons to be learned, though ultimately, what this incident reveals is that if AU really wants to confront MC Rove and stand a chance of winning, the University is going to have to invest in a much better Defense Against The Dark Arts professor. Thanks a lot, Ben Ladner!

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