Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hooray for the TeeVee!

We are super super happy that The Sheinhardt Wig Company, who own General Electric, who own NBC have made the entirely toward decision to renew 30 Rock for a second season. It was seemingly touch and go there for a while, which is surprising considering it, and perhaps The Office, are far and away the funniest show on network television. Sadly, the cock has crowed for the other metatheatrical exploration of sketch comedy, Studio 60, has met with the axe. It was kept alive because the advertisers felt Studio 60's viewers were of the more affluent variety. Presumably, the advertisers have visited my apartment and learned the horrible truth: we eat downmarket sushi and do not own an HD Anything. (The cats, meanwhile, eat venison--don't say that nobody's reaping rewards in the aftermath of the world's pet food being laced with poison!)

Aaron Sorkin will rebound--he's working on staging some sort of Flaming Lips musical. Uhm...okay: so maybe he won't rebound. Those guys will hook him up with some good LSD, though. Ultimately, if we had to choose, we'd have chosen to save 30 Rock, because Tina Fey is good people and because someone really should be pointing a camera at Tracy Morgan.

I never, never, never in a million years thought I would ever do this, but I am fully recommending a show on the network known as MTV. Ordinarily, I'd do no such thing, as the channel has made it very clear that their main intent is to run shows that exclusively cater to the anthroplogical study of douchebags and vapid twats. But Thursday, at 10:30pm, they will be premiering a comedy show by The Human Giant, and The Human Giant--whose members include Aziz Ansari, Paul Scheer, Jason Woliner, and Rob Huebel--may be the funniest fucking thing going. If you just can't wait until tomorrow night--or if you are the sort of person who can only watch video content on a tiny ass screen--the first episode is available on iTunes right now.

By the way, both shows share a common ingredient that may be the secret to television success: The Ghostface Killah Cameo. You still doubt the man shouldn't be President?


Kanishka said...

Everything tastes better with a little dash of Ghostface.

Jay said...

Yeah, Human Giant has been pretty funny. How did these relative unknowns get a show?