Thursday, April 12, 2007


Holy shit! NBC News is reporting that Jon Corzine was hurt in a nasty looking hit and run accident. The kicker? He was on the way to meet Don Imus! Cripes: the man is becoming a literal magnet for pain and despair, now. How long before we find out that Imus has simply become a remorseless magical killing machine who sucks the blood right out of the necks of unicorns?

We were going to write a post urging Ana Marie Cox to reconsider her position on going on Imus, our reasoning being that she is the sort of upright and kind citizen who we think needs to be on the air with Imus, countering his nonsense because you know that douchebags like this Coach McGuirk fellow who helped yes-man Imus' career into oblivion are going to live their lives without ever amounting to sweet goddamn. But after tonight, we are changing our position. ANA: PLEASE do not go near the JOWLY DEMON LORD.

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Peter said...

Imus sucks the life force out of others in order to stay alive. He's actually 532 years old.