Tuesday, April 10, 2007

To Explain This Blogs Forthcoming Dormancy

Hey folks, if the pickings around here seem a little leaner (than they already are) over the next few days, it's probably because over the next few days, I will be offering my nonpareil guest-blogger skillz to my good online buddy Rachel Sklar over at The Huffington Post's "Eat The Press" blog. Rachel and I have, in the past, collaborated together on making sure as many people as possible knew that the mind behind the South Dakota abortion ban was one that also loved to entertain sicko rape fantasies. You're welcome, South Dakota!

The prospect of eating the press is definitely interesting, and by interesting, I mean terrifying. So, if you have the tips, please pass them along to imadcver at yahoo dot com. I've been told that the following options are not open to me: profanity, mean-spirited snark, inside-y knowledge, the word "assfucking", any posts about Butterstick, any commentary on the sleek and masculine bathroom fixtures in Nick Denton's apartment, any referring to Tim Russert as a "pancake makeup wearing twit", or any naked shilling for the series 30 Rock. I mean, way to tie my hands behind my back, Ariana!

Also, no sentences that begin: "I mean..." They're freals serials, man.

Inevitably, this will be good for this blog, as I've been suffering from "Too many ideas not enough time oh fuck it I'm just going to watch third season reruns of Alias jesus can you believe they let Sark get away AGAIN" syndrome. Anyone who wants to contribute a Lost recap or a 24gasm knows where to find me.

Now: everyone go home tonight and pray that Don Imus refers to the Indianapolis Colts as a "shimmery pile of gaybait." That is all.

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circumlocutor said...

Enjoyed your 'Eat the Press' entry on Anderson Cooper. I used to run into A.C. (five or six years ago) at an East Village gay dive, The Phoenix. I'd think 'Wow. The boring guy from Channel One is openly gay -- good for him.' His sexuality seemed like nothing he was hiding.

It was only recently that I learned he is in the closet. Or maybe, perhaps more accurately, he recently went back into the closet.

Hopefully, HuffPo will turn into a permanent gig for you.