Wednesday, May 09, 2007

By The Way.

I should have maybe mentioned that I guested for Ken Layne over at Wonkette on the 27th and 30th of April. Apparently I left readers with the impression that my name was David. I guess that's cool. Next time, I'll do more to, you know, promote myself and manufacture the "bluzz" that Amanda is always talking about. I'll update my catch-all Wonkette contribution page and post it so you can enjoy retroactively.

To that end, I should let you all know that I am continuing my tenure over at The Huffington Post's Eat The Press section, though I have scaled it back to a more manageable three posts a day. Charmingly, and with my full approval, Rachel Sklar has not set a timetable for my withdrawal. She's like the President and Iraq except she's nice and smart and capable and the troops don't get fed to a charnel house and no one gets stoned to death in the street by Kurds. Did you hear about that shit, by the way? Those guys are supposed to be the ones who have a semblance of democratic institutions and who can be counted on to not act a fool like the freaking Sunnis and Shia. And there they are, stoning some poor woman because she dated outside her religion? WTF times infinity! WE DONE GONE FRESH OUT OF GOOD NEWS IN IRAQ, ASSHOLES!

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