Friday, May 18, 2007

Celebrate the End of Wolfowitz

Twas a great day yesterday, as Paul Wolfowitz, the shitty American uber-crank whose passion for Third World investment could be measured one harsh mistress at a time, finally got the hint that everyone in the entire world were sick of him coming to work and stepped down as head of the World Bank. Don't shed too many tears for him, as it's a certainty that whatever golden parachute the World Bank gave him is likely to be rich enough to keep him in enough head-sized paper bags to make the missionary position with Shahi Ali Riza tolerable for many, many nights to come.

About a month ago, we contacted our friend at the World Bank, and were struck with amazement at how brazenly and openly he was willing to diss Wolfowitz over and over again in full voice sitting at his desk. A year ago, the conversation would have been in hushed tones. This indicates to me that toward the end, World Bank employees were probably snickering at him on the elevator and tripping him in the hallways. Their lack of consideration for his feelings proves the essential goodness of mankind. Unfortunately, the fact that there are so many upper level executives at the World Bank whose own scorn-worthiness was eclipsed by Wolfie proves the essential provenance of asshats in contemporary society. No matter: one down, hopefully shitty American Alberto Gonzalez gets a long knife in the back next. Esperance!

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