Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Confirming the Wife of DCeiver's hilarity.


[coyly discussing a Wonkette entry]

DCeiver: Okay. This is a New York Time crossword clue. Seven letter word. "Something that's always nice to be on the receiving end of."

WoD: Hmm. "Present?" Uhmmm.

DCeiver: Here's a hint. This is from the puzzle that Bill Clinton wrote the--

WoD: "Blowjob." Blowjob.


[commercial break of SNL in the 90s Special]

NBC News Tease: Tonight, tragedy in Northeast tonight as a child dies after accidentally shooting himself with a handgun. We'll have more at eleven.

WoD: Oh, no! If only that child had a second gun in his other hand...he could have defended himself!


WoD: Do you think that there is a place where Schrodinger's Cat, Pavlov's Dog, and Occam's Razor could all be found together.

DCeiver: No. Pavlov's dog would not want to be around Schrodinger's Cat, seeing as how that would mean he'd be trapped in a box with a radioactive isotope by a bunch of quantum physicists.

WoD: He could use Occam's Razor to get out.

DCeiver: True. Then he could use it to cut some motherfucking quantum physicists who think it's funny to fuck with cats.

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Mrs Dementor said...

WoD is brilliant, we've always known that!!!! Thanks for sharing these gems.