Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Five Lessons Learned From Doing 365 Days, 365 Plays.

1. Randy is pretty much correct in his assertion that our take on the Suzan-Lori Parks play cycle was perhaps the strangest thing we've ever staged. Stranger even than Chris Davenport is...NAUGHTY PILATE! I mean, it began with me being anally raped by a puppet, and that was one of the more normal things that went down.

2. It's hard to believe, but there are some people that do not know that "Eternal Flame" is a Bangles song. There are others that cannot seem to accept the bands greatness. People: Susannah Hoffs is in that band. I will not argue this with you.

3. Actress Casie Platt? Really, pretty much awesome.

4. I have a fuller appreciation for the fact that when Grady Weatherford is on the set, one doesn't get hurt as much. Hello, bruised sternum.

5. Randy thinks that if Barack Obama wants to become the President, there is one course of action he could take to all but guarantee victory: reunite Night Ranger. Randy is absolutely right.

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