Wednesday, May 30, 2007

How Does Meme Roth Afford Her Rock and Roll Lifestyle?

Last week, on the Huffington Post, we related how newly crowned American Idol Jordin Sparks had failed to win the affections of uber-bonkers anti-obesity spokeswoman Meme Roth because--according to Roth’s vivid hallucinations--Sparks was "obese" and the "picture of unhealth."

We were prepared to write this off as idle Idol chat from a supremely deluded individual on whom Neil Cavuto, as is his wont, trained a camera. But yesterday, Unfogged tipped us off to something related to this story that serves to point out the magnificent insanity of Meme Roth. Without further ado, we go to Roth’s website for a key piece of background:

I see staying fit as an obligation to my self and my family. Back in the 80s when I was Van Halen's 'number one fan,' I did get the chance to meet the band. Eddie Van Halen made me promise I'd never get fat. He said I looked like something out of Playboy. Talk about making a girl swoon..." about making a man vomit! How old was Roth back when she was "Van Halen's number one fan?" Fifteen? Sixteen? I mean, "the 80s" were about fifteen to twenty-six years ago and Roth, by all appearances, appears to be well short of the big 4-0. If you do the math, it would appear that, in all likelihood, Roth drew her lifestyle inspiration from a leering, libidinous, pedophilic rock star who was participating in his own seamy brand of American Idolatry.

Oh, but, perhaps we're just being cynical. I mean, take a look at the image Unfogged found of Eddie Van Halen: the man is just the picture of wellness.


Anonymous said...

"Talk about making a girl swoon..."

And as is the story with so many groupies from that era, when she came to she had a case of the clap that eventually ate her brain. Remember kids: qualudes + anorexia = blackouts.

Anonymous said...

Unfrigginbelievable. This Meme Roth needs to have her bleached head examined. The question is, did Jordan Sparks take any of this woman's wacko nonsense to heart? She's 17 for crying in a bucket!

If this Roth harpie thinks that being compared to a Playboy model is the apex of achievement for a woman, gives me a rather valuable insight into her miserable character.

Ami said...

Hmm Strange though. If Jordan is concidered Obese. Then what about the women of the past? Jordan's beauty would have been well sought after she would have been concidered perfect and very healthy. Where as Ms. Roth..... Would have been probably concidered for her beauty yes. But she would have been concidered unhealthy. No meat. No substance. A No Go.

When I talk about women of the past I'm talking about eras such as 1400 1500 so forth and even back too. Look at the paintings! Look at Mona Lisa! My god look at the virgin mary for the love of god!

Ms Roth... you just condemned over 90 percent of the american population with your words. Do you relize that we have a hard enough time trying to survive in this world. Instead of attaking us why don't you attack the food makers. Geez ..

*smiles* Thank you *bow*

Donna said...

MeMe Roth is whack if she thinks Jordin Sparks is obese. She's nearly six foot tall, for crying out loud. What size is she supposed to wear, a 2? She's a size 12, according to the latest People magazine. Heck, I consider 12 my *skinny* days!

Jordin is a very beautiful young woman, inside and out. MeMe is a shallow bubblehead. if I had a daughter, I would rather Jordin was her role model, not MeMe.

Anonymous said...

MeMe Roth can lick my fat ass!