Monday, May 14, 2007


So, I'm only a week late in doing so, but I'd like at publicly express my gratitude for Catherine, who hooked me up with a much-coveted Arcade Fire ticket for their DARCH show.* I kept on believing, man. I never lost faith that I'd be attending. And, they were, in fact, pretty awesome. I was surprised how much some of the lesser fare on Neon Bible got elevated in the live setting. I was not suprised by the fact that the best stuff from Funeral remains their most awe-inspiring music. It was a great show throughout, but when they finally got to "Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)," the band just got fucking stratospheric, and they remained that way through the end of their encore. By the way, their decision to switch out "Antichrist Television Blues" with "Wake Up" was good. Word is bond: I have experienced few things as crazy awesome as the entire room singing that opening hook.

My opinion on the matter coheres with surreal exactingness with what The Upstate Life** said about the show--right down to the exact moment we finally arrived for The National (and missing the bulk of their set was criminal of me--based on what I heard, though, appetites for their 9:30 Club show should be significantly whetted).

And speaking of 9:30 Club, I know, I know...I missed Arcade Fire when they came and officially anointed DC-based citizens with the promise of immortality in the Canadian section of heaven. I hear you people that say the DARCH show wasn't in the same order of magnitude. Yeah, yeah. Well, guess what: I can only have my good time, and I had a fucking great time at DARCH. Yes. DARCH is a deeply flawed place. It is the place that no trains go. And no cars go there either because the cars that already went there took all the parking spaces. Even still, at least the folks that run DARCH didn't say...beat the shit out of someone like the sick fucks that work at Radio City Music Hall. Washington, DC: where venue employers DON'T work out their Abner Louima fantasies on concert-goers.

And, anyway, I think that as far as trenchant rock experiences go, we are all, apparently, expected to be jealous of those who say The National and Final Shittasm and Beirut in NYC later that weekend, when they apparently got every trumpter player within 250 miles of the 49th parallel and the Rochester border together on stage to collectively spell out a workable set of benchmarks for the fledgling Iraqi government, which was immediately followed by Sufjan Stevens using a five-song acoustic-folk cycle about obscure Prussian generals to finally explain what the fuck the Dharma Initiative was. Yes, yes, whoop de fucking doo.

Anyway, I remain grateful for the fact that DARCH hosts concerts. If they didn't, God knows those Daughters would only have free reign to continue planning whatever Revolution they are working on, and I'm surprised that their plans sit well with so many of you. I, for one, greet them with a good deal of skepticism, and I want to know what they are up to.

Anyway, it looks like I'll be taking in the dulcet tones of Be Your Own Pet and the Arctic Monkeys later this week. Kyle will be taking pictures. Did you see his snaps of the Chili Cookoff? Damn. Leafblower is officially running this city. Deny that at your considerable peril.

*Catherine got a press upgrade, so we didn't get to sit together, which would have been fun. I have lingering questions over the whole drink-seven-liters-of-water-a-day thing, mainly that if I were to decide right now, to drink sever liters of water a day, I'd be having conversations with my boss like this: "Hey, Jason, how come you didn't get X, Y, & Z, done?" "Oh...sorry about that. I've been drinking seven liters of water a day. It really cuts in to the time I have to do everything else. I'll see if I can use Outlook to come up with a better schedule."

**Oh, you and Tommy and your beloved Woof Parade! Here's a prediction, from me to y'all: the Woofers will indeed, suck much less at their next gig here. But then...THAT'S BAD, isn't it? Seeing as how the best thing they do is SUCK OUT LOUD, right? Oooh, snap!***

***Sigh. In all honesty, my failure to enjoy them is probably based on my own pernicious genetic abnormalities. But I cannot like everything! At least I am not like Ygglz, a huge Avril Lavigne fan!****

****Fuck. Who am I kidding. I am too a huge Avril Lavigne fan. God: I have no redeeming qualities.


tom said...

Ah, but Wolf Parade put on a fantastic show last time. They sped the songs up just enough, were just sloppy enough, and just drunk enough. It was really an ideal live version of an act whose album I already loved.

Others disagree, though, and thought the show was a drunken trainwreck. I say it was a great drunken trainwreck, and I'm looking forward to the next one.

I completely missed the National, too, and then did it again in Philly. I'm a little pissed off about it -- who actually starts a concert on time? It'd be great if every show worked that way, I guess. But mostly I just need some standardization.

TUL said...

Who starts an indie rock show at 8pm anyway? I mean, as Rob Corddry would say, come on.

sc in dc said...

y'all should know by now that DAR and 9:30 club shows are always extremely punctual.

Last week at the early Ben Gibbard show (there were two during the night), first opener Jonathan Rice went on at 7PM!!

The real issue should be -- should clubs be allowed to start indoor (non-festival) indie-rock shows during daylight hours?

tuley said...

DARCH always makes me think of one of my favorite lines from Catch-22. "Nately's mother, a descendant of the New England Thornton's, was a
Daughter of the American Revolution. His father was a Son of a Bitch."