Monday, May 14, 2007

Scenes from the Weekend: Our friends will have the happiest babies.

Midnight. Party in Adams Morgan. Friend of DCeiver, JG, walks out of the kitchen. Strangely, her grey shirt has been dampened in the area over her left breast.

DCeiver: Oh, my God, J--you're not lactating, are you?

JG: (laughs) No. It's sangria.


DCeiver: Ho-ly shit. That is the most awesomest fucking thing I've ever SEEN!
(Later: More on how the DCeiver came to be in some magical, imaginary town in Fairfax, Virginia just four hours later. It will not be that interesting.)

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SAS said...

Glad to have you back DCeiver. Back on the blog and back from Dunn Loring, that is.