Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Audacity of Dopes: Democratic Candidates Inspire Buyer's Remorse Seventeen Months Before Purchase.

This L.A. Times article doesn't surprise me at all. Taking stock of the available choices, the electorate has settled into a stance redolent of Meat Loaf: they would do anything for the Democratic Party, but they won't do that. Or this. And especially none of this crap.

The reasoning behind these attitudes isn't particularly cogent. But that's neither here nor there. The point is, things aren't looking good for the Dems top-shelf candidates and that's bad, because in the dictionary, next to the definition of "diminishing returns," there's a picture of Joe Biden, Bill Richardson, and Chris Dodd.

Which leaves us with the option of installing Mike Gravel as our Supreme Turkmen--a not altogether uninteresting idea, because the man is alternatively baffling and terrifying--or hoping that a candidate emerges who can traverse the center-left terrain, demonstrate the managerial acumen the voters seem to want from their Presidents these days, present a sensible alternative to the GOP's platform of Creationism, torture-porn and unwanted babies by the metric ton, and demonstrate the capacity to campaign over the long haul.

That's why this news is curiouser and curiouser...From the Associated Press:

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Tuesday switched his party status from Republican to unaffiliated, a stunning move certain to be seen as a prelude to an independent presidential bid that would upend the 2008 race.
Just sayin'.

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rj3 said...

Bloomie has spoiler written all over him, man.