Tuesday, June 19, 2007

DCeptette: Pay to Cum Version.

  1. Brilliant. [DCist]
  2. Confidential to City Mouse: Saw the Keegan 1776 on Sunday (my dad-in-law is in it, who's from Delaware, by the way, and who has only ever played members of the Delaware delegation, this time marking his third time playing Caesar Rodney), and trust me, afterwards everyone was saying how amazing the assistant direction. I was all, "Yeah, natch." Between you and me, though: sort of a "Hollywood ending," don't you think. Oh, well. Sometimes I wish I had yr email address is all.
  3. Paul H. debuts latest blog venture--Creativalue--and trust me, he'll have a lot of interesting things to say about the nexus of vital creativity and business tradition. So, at the very least, Ryan Avent will probably read it. [Creativalue]
  4. Fucking A. I have had that god damned Journey song in my head for over a week now, and I haven't even seen the Sopranos season finale yet! Anyway, Gawker veers briefly from snark to near sincerica today as Alex Balk details his take on the ending. I look forward to knowing whatever it is he's talking about. [Gawker]
  5. Ryan Adams is all sober now. Potential downside: dope is the source of all his power (Sky Blue Sky makes the argument that this was the case for Tweedy) and he never pens another song quite like "Look Who Got A Website" again. Potential upside: maybe he'll return the bottle of top-shelf bourbon he stole from my friend Colleen six years ago. [Idolator]

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SAS said...

This is what I get for being off line too much lately. Oh! Your dad-in-law is great. He does that collapse like a pro every night, and we didn't even have Grady to do fight choreography. The whole thing was an interesting experience, fodder perhaps for an alocohol induced conversation sometime. Incidentally, your wife probably has my email since we were all dolly-daisy-spaceship-beeyotches, you know? But for the record, rotsky(at)aol.com. Hope to see you both soon, perhaps at a rorschach happening.