Thursday, June 07, 2007

Get Ready for Panda Spawn: The Sequel

In news that's already filling Official Facebook Friend of DCeiver Ana Marie Cox with paroxysms of pure giddiness, the Washington Post is reporting that panda matriach Mei Xiang may be pregnant again! In other words: BUTTERSTICK 2: LIVE FREE OR BUTTERSTICK HARDER!

Suck on our panda's verdant, fertile womb, San Diego Zoo!

In this case, the NextStick will have an entirely different lineage, as Mei Xiang got stuffed with spermatazoa provided by Gao Gao, a male from the aforementioned zoo in San Diego. As always with Panda names, they can be winningly used as stand-ins for the names of actual genitalia.

The Post urges caution, saying that it may be a false alarm. But FUCK THAT! It's the Second Coming! The Return! The Revenge! THIS TIME IT'S PERSONAL! WE ARE UP IN UR PANDAS, INSEMINATIN UR OVA! PRAY FOR MITOSIS!

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