Friday, June 08, 2007

Hands off habeas corpus!

Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee, in their infinite piffle, voted to restore habeas corpus, which will make it possible for the Senate to maybe do the same. But nobody should act grateful because, as you may well know, none of these shitstains on any committee or any body of Congress or any White House had the blessed motherdicking right to take it away in the first place. So, officially, from me to the Senate Judiciary Committee: Thanks for nothing, assholes. And that's from the heart, with a chaser of lukewarm piss for the whole family.

It was roundly fucked that President Bush had the temerity to believe he could get away with taking away this fundamental right. I mean, there's hating America--you know, setting the terrorists up with their very own jihadi playground in Iraq and then shitcanning the gay linguists who are trying to save my ass by translating their chatter--and then there's a hate for America so deep and vast that it makes a man want to dismantle part of the novel machinery of liberty installed by our founding fathers. It's things like our fundamental right to a fair trial that separate America from a continent full of people who used to think that authority was given by right to any douchebag wearing a crown that had the backing of the Pope or Merlin the Sorceror.

Whatevs. In another two years, we'll all be free to return to thinking of George Bush as the slow kid who can't be left alone with the bunnies because he hugs them too hard.

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