Thursday, June 07, 2007

Recent HuffPoing

Today, I ended up down a deep hole thanks to a rogue content management system I have to use for one of my projects. Can't wait until I never have to use it again. Tell me, when the button says, "Save and Continue," you'd think that the expectation would be for the SAVING to come along with the CONTINUING, wouldn't you? Seems like there's little point to the continuing if there's to be no saving. But that's what happened. An entire afternoon's work for shit because the effing program decides that all the changes I made weren't worth keeping. Fuck.

As it was, I was behind from moment one today, so I couldn't go to this annual meeting with its annual open bar. My lovely coworkers were kind enough to bring me some booze and some antipasti afterwards. They are the best.

Anyway, here's what I've been doing at Huffington Post lately.

Bradbury Adds New Heat to Fahrenheit Discussion
Murdoch Has First Date with Bancrofts, Fails to Get to Second Base
Wealthy Benefactor Lionizes Duke Lacrosse Team with Newspaper Ads
Roger Ailes Will Have His Revenge On America
It's Official! "Tuberculosis Guy" is the New Dannielynn!
David Gregory is the Man Who Wasn't There
Joe Scarborough Awkwardly Reminds Us Why MSNBC Has a Vacancy in the First Place
When Things Get Sticky, Turn to The Wiki? (a must for Floyd Landis Fans)
MTV Movie Awards: One Long Decepticon

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