Sunday, June 03, 2007

Somewhere, Chris Lehmann is not very surprised.

Eric Alterman, a complete asshat who runs a website that chronicles all the mean things conservatives say about liberals because I guess his mom never nursed him and so he imagines that every other person in the world is a thin-skinned infant who cries giant tears everytime some addled right-wing fuck utters what passes for a zinger in their mind, was arrested tonight at the Democratic debate in New Hampshire after attempting to enter the spin room. He was asked to leave, like, a million times, but this guy...he just doesn't get it.

He told CNN he was waiting in the spin room for the debate to end but there was no place to sit. He claimed he saw an area upstairs and was not stopped when he walked up there. He said he saw a bar area and asked if it was an open bar. Told that it was, he ordered a wine and a water. He then said he was approached by a man and asked if he was invited to the party. Alterman said he asked for the man’s name because he had been treated “brusquely”. He said the man declined to give his name and called for an officer.

Alterman said he “never raised his voice once” and identified himself as a journalist. When he asked for the police officer’s name, the office threatened to arrest him. Alterman said he asked for a supervising officer to come over and tried to explain the situation. He claims he was cut off and acknowledged he may have been argumentative when he said, “could I please finish a sentence here?”

Wait a minute! I thought Eric--and let me use his words--"like[s] to separate my role as a journalist from my role as a friendly human being!" I guess he no longer has that problem. But now he's got to face up to his other problems, like his inability to go out in public without humiliating himself. He's like the Amy Winehouse of political pundits, except that Winehouse has talent and people like her. Figure this: Alterman was at a Democratic debate, with people he nominally supports all around and on hand, and only Ed Markey was willing to vouch for him, for all of, like, six seconds.

Anyway, he's already blogged about how the whole thing is everyone else's, or at the very least, Ana Marie Cox's fault (we love the whole, "I was thinking it could go into Altercation the next day"--because when he gets stuck in traffic it's evidence of conservative bias.) The cops detained him, and asked him to pay $30--which is obviously a joke fine the cops decided on to have a few laughs.

We should all be glad he's been released, because the motherfucker would have compared the experience to the night Thoreau spent in jail, or some shit. We look forward to the eventual Julia Allison re-enactment.

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