Thursday, June 07, 2007

Well, Of Course!: Crackhead Driver Has Ties to Barry.

I couldn't let the tragic incident of the past weekend, in which Tonya Bell plowed her car headlong into a street festival in Anacostia, hitting forty people, pass without comment. Especially since reading DCist's post on how Bell--who was apparently high on crack at the time of the incident--had been sent by a staffing agency to work at the office of Councilmember Marion Barry. I mean, holy shit! The ingredients of this event featured crack, bad driving, dubious decisions on the part of the police, fate unnecessarily crapping on the good people of Anacostia, and now Marion Barry? It's like the Holy Tango of DC Scandal.

It's worth noting that this terrible event has revealed something of critical interest to those who live in DC: the fact that no one in Barry's office saw trouble coming a mile away with Bell demonstrates that Barry and his staff have failed at perhaps the only real constituent service they could offer--serving as an anti-crackhead distant early warning system. If those guys can't accurately spot an impending crack-induced calamity coming a mile away, what good are they?

The only way this thing could get more DC is for Jim Graham to propose legislation banning street festivals in Anacostia. Or for the Council to insist on a strict curfew for crackheads.


IMGoph said...

what would have made this tragedy even more star-crossed would have been for the car to have been a nice yellow convertible with a certain crazy councilmember behind the wheel. then we'd need to be keeping our eyes open for the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse.

Anonymous said...

Leave dat lady lone yo. she jus be out wildin hahahaha like alla us do sumtimez in da dc hizzy.

IMGoph said...

i'm sure she's just having a grand old time....except she really did almost run me over last year in front of what used to be the city museum (might have been my fault, dressed up like an idiot for a theater fundraiser)