Thursday, July 05, 2007

A Convenient Truth: Al Gore's Kid is Always Holding!

There's something about this picture of Al Gore III (or Al Gore, ver. 3.0) that reminds us of Alan Tudyk's character in Firefly/Serenity. Is it just us? And even if it is just us, can it not be said that Al Gore III would be well-served to adopt the affectation of swearing in pidgin Chinese? So Joss Whedon-esque.

Anyway, Gore III may be separated at birth, but nothing separates him from his reefer! He's been busted in Los Angeles for a bunch of drug-related charges. Again. If we're not mistaken, pot is what got Gore III kicked out of St. Albans, wasn't it?

Anyway, thanks to Paris Hilton, NOW IS THE TIME to get busted for anything in Los Angeles. And, of course, thanks to George W. Bush and Scooter Libby, NOW IS THE TIME to get busted for anything, anywhere in America.

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DCSOBloop said...

I think he looks like the guy from Georgie James, no?