Friday, July 06, 2007

Conversations in Real Time: Like Pretty Kate, Has Sex Ornate

[Morning, July 6. The DCeiver wakes with a start. He turns to the clock. It is 8am]

DCeiver: Honey? Didn't you need me to be up?

Wife of DCeiver: [from bathroom] No. I don't need you to take me to Union Station yet. I have to run to the doctor's first.

DCeiver: [walks to the bathroom] That's too bad. I was having a nice dream. I was having a perfectly lovely discussion with Kate Winslet.

Wife of DCeiver: Hold on. You were dreaming about Kate Winslet, who you love the most in all the world, and the only thing you two were doing was having a discussion?


Wife of DCeiver: [witheringly] LAME.


DCeiver: Well, in my defense, I think she and I were totally about to go fight crime or something.

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A. L. Deviant said...

Coolest. Wife. Ever.