Wednesday, July 25, 2007

DCeptette: Also, Ass Sashimi Version

  1. Here's your essential guide to naming your fantasy football team. Our team, should we choose to wade into those waters again, will be called We Are Chmura, obvs. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]
  2. Sticking with football for a minute, the bond between a QB and his offensive linemen is one of honor--if someone cheap shots your triggerman, the line is supposed to declare fatwa and start cracking knees and whatnot. So it says a lot that rumors are flying that the Atlanta Falcons o-line have made it clear to the opposition that they're prepared to serve up Michael Vick's spinal column on a silver platter. Mind you, it's rumor, and really unlikely, but it's hardly surprising, considering Vick is a semi-literate brutalizing fuckchop who would offend the sensibilities of the average Taliban rapist. [Deadspin]
  3. Opening this August at the New York Fringe Festival, before moving to it's permanent residency in the deepest bowels of Hell. [Williamsburg, The Musical...God help us all]
  4. The latest Republican rapist got caught before he had the opportunity to get hired by the Giuliani campaign. [Wonkette]
  5. Damn! Michelle Rhee is gonna pay her staff an awful lot of money! She better serve up some top-flight edumacatin', because we could probably get Jhoon Rhee at wholesale. [Examiner]

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