Tuesday, July 24, 2007

DCeptette: Hang Me Out To Dry Version

  1. Man, the Association is in some serious shit over this Tim Donaghy situation. Credit the mindgrapes of local fave Unsilent Majority, who called this one correctly. I'm interested to hear more about how Donaghy might have affected the Wizards season last year, though, I have to admit, only up to a point. After all, Donaghy didn't jack up Zero or Caron, and he didn't have anything to do with Michael Ruffin's crazy-ass three-feet-high-and-not-rising toss into the air that allowed Morris Peterson (of all people), in collaboration with the Gravitational Constant, to beat us in the most dispiriting game of the season last year. Note: I am not saying we should investigate Ruffin, unless we've got nothing better to do. (FUN FACT: As far as I know, the only hip-hop act to ever name-check Morris Peterson was Canadian "Steal My Sunshine" one-hit wonders Len. Make of that what you will.) [Deadspin]
  2. OK: This is pretty fucked up. Celebrity cumdumpster Kim Kardashian goes to a benefit. The benefit is for Nicole Brown. Who was killed by OJ Simpson. Who was represented by...Kim Kardashian's father. There's NO WORD for that kind of fucked up. [BestWeekEver]
  3. Holy Jeebus Crosshanger! Look at what these two-dollar flip flops from WalMart did to this person's feet! Is there no one we can punish for this? I mean, if terrorists want to kill us, what side is WalMart on? [BoingBoing]
  4. When gangsta and dork collide, this is the sort of UTTERLY INSANE SHIT that happens. [Gizmodo]
  5. I can't get behind the movement to have Roger Taney's bust removed from public view. Years ago, I argued that the image of Robert E. Lee on Richmond's River Walk should remain in place and I feel the same way about Taney. Yes, history proved these individuals to be flawed, makers of decisions we can look back with hindsight and recognize as poor. But neither man existed in a vaccuum. Their ideas were mainstream, reflected in the philosophies of many Americans. These are the sorts of things we as a nation have struggled with, and we should remember these personages along with our unequivocal heroes. It doesn't mean we have to agree on their stance to venerate them. It's just as important to keep your flaws and mistakes in front of you as well as your progress. If we don't our hindsight will mean nothing. [DCist]

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Lawnun said...

Just wanted to say...

Boingboing has officially jumped the shark of the Internet if it now considers a crazy Walmart-related podiatric discovery as part of its overall "directory of wonderful things." Yeesh.