Monday, July 30, 2007

For All I Know, This Was a Secret Fringe Festival Performance.

Between the Neo-Futurists whipping up one of their famous Half-Naked Ninja Pudding Pies* and a double-barrelled blast of Casie Platt making me pee my pants, I figured to have seen the best shows possible this weekend. Naturally, I was wrong: Becks did!

*OMG. How fortunate is this! I never thought in a million years that I'd be lucky enough to see a performance of TMLMTBGB in which they managed to get through 29.5 plays out of 30 (let alone have three genial Chicagoans rolling around in my lap), but for whatever reasons, the Neo-Futurists forgot to start their 60 minute timer at the top of their show, and their generous estimate, which erred on the side of the audience, was enough to provide some critical minutes. Best birthday present ever!

ADDENDUM: I finally met someone named Kyle who did not attend East Carolina University. It was like a whole new world of possibilities has opened up!


Becks said...

It was a very porny weekend for me overall.

the g said...

good call by the way. i owe you big time for the reminder. games, damn.

gwen said...

wasn't that the fringe show we were actually at?? didn't they have to re-start the timer or something?

either way that was awesome.
I googled you! I googled you! and you're an AAAAAANGEL FROM HEEAAAVEN...