Monday, July 23, 2007

Music Blogosphere: Sucking Now More Than Ever.

Fresh off one of my 30-second pow-wows with Leaf, comes this thought: Gah. Could the music blogosphere get any duller? With the possible exception of the recent Radiohead shit, when's the last time an item on Stereogum looked even remotely enticing? My God, has that site fallen off. And now that I have the actual publicists of the world sending me emails, why do I need a BrooklynVegan? So that I can have an exhaustive number of photoessays chronicling every loser who gets booked at the Hiro Ballroom? Feh.

And boy oh boy. Whenever my Google feed tells me that I have twenty posts on Idolator to read, I pray to my Dark Lord that pressing the "Mark All As Read" button remains more cost-effective and efficient than simply shooting myself in the fucking face. Although lately, their humorless git act at least reflects the general state of affairs.

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Blogs t r e t c h said...

Here here! I'm so tired of getting a press release email, then seeing it on every *&()@#$&! site 5 minutes later. There's no commentary anymore! Half of them hardly even host mp3's anymore. The golden days are over.