Tuesday, July 17, 2007

One Week In the City

So, okay, in the past week, I've somehow managed to meet almost the entire internet. Beginning with the best Unbuckled ever a week ago (DCist popped into DC9, promptly sold out), culminating with sharing an elevator with Obama Girl last night. It's all been quite overwhelming.

Bullet points:

  • Unbuckled. Insane. The XYZ Affair: talented, lovely. Seriously, why hasn't Sarah Lewitinn signed these guys yet? They're enough to make Permanent Me a very Temporary Me. And yes, Sophie B. Hawkins covers, these should be required of all rock bands. As for Le Loup--finally a "wolf" band I can get behind! They more than lived up to the hype. And they are, without a doubt, the most Canadian of all the DC bands. Like Dan Bejar fronting Broken Social Scene. Seriously, if anyone on the Arts and Crafts label find themselves unable to perform their duties, Le Loup is ready.
  • Middle Distance Runner: really, these guys are so ineffably cool that they practically beg to get animated and unmask ghosts with the Scooby Gang. Or guest on Futurama.
  • I've been trying to come up with a metaphor that accurately captures the way the Pygmalii can show up anywhere and make whatever is going on even better, and, for whatever reason, the only thing I can come up with is the old SNL fake commercial for Schnitts Gay Beer. But not because they necessarily inspire homoeroticism--although, if need be, they could--it's just like they are a can that you open and suddenly the backyard is renovated and the pool is fixed. I think anyway. Maybe I just think they should change their blogger tagline to "You look like you need to get wet." Make of this what you will.
  • To wit: The G. teaches me that deadly poisons are innately hilarious. I cannot argue with this. The Nabob is well arming me with arguments in favor of deep frying the Thanksgiving turkey--so, watch out, New Jersey.
  • Fort Reno: The Charm Offensive rocks. AMC invents the Fort Renotini. And Kriston Capps and I struggle to determine who, exactly, is the quintessential keytar player. I think Le Loup should rehearse an all-keytar set, by the way. In case we want to get wet.
  • I finally finally actually got to stand in the same room as my editor/collaborator in crime Rachel Sklar, and yes, it was as wonderful as any of the imagery that floats through Drew Barrymore's mind.
  • R. Sklar took the 3:15am train back to NYC. I had no idea there was a 3:15am train to NYC. I'm assuming that this train also stops at Hogwarts.
  • Amy Argetsinger: totally ready to see Superbad. Like there was ever any doubt.
  • Tips for party conversation in 2007: everyone, apparently, is up for a little Giuliani-bashing. And comparing Rudy to Lenny from Of Mice and Men kills.
  • Wife of DCeiver and I enjoyed a lengthy and candid conversation with a newly retired CNN news producer--totally illuminating. It's a demanding job, folks. We talked a great deal about Hurricane Katrina (CNN was the only network to get the failure of the Pontchartain levee correct and on time). WoD asked his opinion on who failed in New Orleans, and his take was that it was first and foremost a massive failure of LOCAL government, compounded by Federal ineptitude.
  • I asked who he felt really distinguished themselves in the disaster response, and he gave me the precise answer I expected him to give when I asked the question in the first place: The United States Coast Guard.
  • Also: here at DCeiver, we frequently remark upon the utter worthlessness of the people who work on the Hill, but we allow for something we call The Feingold Exception. Jack Murtha's CD has become the latest person to qualify for the Feingold Exception.
  • All ur blogger acquaintances are belong to DCeiver: Very happy to make the acquaintance of Mo Tkacik of Jezebel, which is So Hot Right Now (TM). Also, ecstatic to meet the lovely and intellectually formidable Garance Franke-Ruta. I really need to blogroll them both.
  • Another reason why I do not doubt Alex Pareene's wisdom: when you find yourself squiring somebody who writes for a blog called "Jezebel" around Washington, DC, you OF COURSE immediately take her to The Raven. Obvs.

Anyway, crazy wonderful week. Next up: A Month of Houseguests!


The Governess said...

i never thought i'd be so honored to be compared to Schlitz Gay . I think I can even get over my intense hatred of Sandler to accept this as a compliment. the "chuck and larry" abomination makes me lose sleep at night.

Anonymous said...

If you are going to tell your kid to go into the service, the houligan navy is not a bad place to be.

Anonymous said...

For the record, Moe was supposed to be heading to the Raven to meet some of her friends well before she showed up with Pareene in tow (not, as you have it, being sheperded by Pareene). But she didn't get there until we had actually already left once. Because that's how Moe rolls.