Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Shocking News Revealed By Your iPod

Mr. Thrown For a Loop recently took a long look at the songs his iPod says he likes, and that got me thinking about what potential truths or weirdnesses my own iPod reveals about me. So, today, I plugged it in to take a look at my ten most-played tracks are. The results? No surprise: I have terrible taste in music!

1. "You Only Live Twice," the Strokes
This isn't surprising to me. Probably the quintessential song by my favorite band. It's on their most recent record, but there's something about this song that incorporates just about everything I love about the Strokes, and nothing I dislike (cf. "Juicebox").

2. "Apply Some Pressure," by Maximo Park
Yeah, I never get tired of this tune either, or this excellent, woefully undersung band. I wish they'd come to DC, though.

3. "Bleeding Hearts," by The Daybreak Line
Wow. Congratulations, Paul! I guess I really, really, really love this song. Last Second Thoughts is the most recent blog to post the MP3. Later today, I'll get around to posting their latest music.

4. "Landed," by Ben Folds
At first, I thought it was really strange that this was the Ben Folds tune that made it into my iPod top ten, but on further review, it makes sense. So much of the music I love that Ben makes touches strange nerves with me, making it impossible for me to listen to that frequently. The last time I listened to Reinhold Messner straight through, I got shatteringly depressed. make of that what you will.

5. "Elevator Love Letter," by Stars
This is the song that should have made Stars, the greatest band in the history of Canada, famous. I've no idea why it didn't, and neither does Torq, for that matter. But it's an absolutely cherry pop tune. (Though as Matt Yglesias pointed out recently, it has an awful music video.)

6. "Banquets," by Bloc Party
Wow. I'm surprised I'm not a little tired of this tune.

7. "Heartbeats," by Jose Gonzalez
I don't know what to make of this. Maybe this is the song my iPod likes to play when it's not doing anything. Based upon field research, I've discovered that, left to its own devices, my iPod would play nothing but New Pornographers and Snow Patrol. Make of that what you will.

8. "Flight 180," by Bishop Allen
Ahhh. Fantastic, beautiful tune, brimming with hope and beauty. Love this song. I especially love the fact that Bishop Allen reclaimed the metaphor of a airplane above Manhattan from the perpetrators of Recent Tragic Events.

9. "You Have Killed Me," by Morrissey
Apparently, I have changed very little since 1986.

10. "Catastrophe," by Rainer Maria
Again, fucking great song. I even forgive the fact that they reuse the first verse superfluously. I have big plans for this song actually...nothing that will be realized anytime soon, but just you wait.

Bubbling under:
"The Monitor," by Bishop Allen
"Your Little Hoodrat Friend," by the Hold Steady
"Cunts Are Still Running the World," by Jarvis Cocker
"Delilah," by the Dresden Dolls
"Teaspoon," by the Long Winters
"On The Radio," by Regina Spektor
"Use It," by the New Pornographers
"Naturally," by Middle Distance Runner
"Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)" by Arcade Fire
"The Bleeding Heart Show (theme for the University of Phoenix)" by the New Pornographers

And the song from 2007 I've listened to the most? "Down In The Valley," by the Broken West! I had NO IDEA!


PK said...

Well, in the spirit of full disclosure, I have trained your cats to go into the bedroom and listen to that song at night when you're sleeping. But now I think I realize that you really DO get annoyed when we don't play it live. You're not just saying that!

Will said...

Ah, I thought I was the only one who loved Apply Some Pressure.