Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Washington Post Assists Paris Hilton Coverage to Reaching a New Zenith of Uselessness

Uhm...great! Thanks for weighing in, there, Tony Danza. This has to be the most superfluous comment yet solicited on the most frivolous story imaginable.

This all came from an interview in the Post in advance of Danza's participation in the City's Fourth of July celebration. The introduction to the interview bills it as "surprisingly candid"--as if a) Danza was some sort of major, hard-to-pin-down "get" and b) his candidness was revelatory of something other than the fact that the man will say anything that occurs to him. Basically, he's coming to town, to sing and dance, Elliot Yamin and his terrifying teeth will be there, Hayden Panettiere will probably roll to some shitty bar tonight, get served, and get fingerbanged by some LNS shitheel. Also, Danza played Eddie Carbone on Broadway, which he calls the "iconic Italian role"--meaning "iconic Italian" means generally shady person who harbors illegal immigrants, lusts after his own niece, and who betrays his countrymen. Forza Italia, y'all!

Anyway, Danza not watching CNN is the new Danza's not going to play Sun City.

Happy Fourth, DC!

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